Because Mol Cy wants to go as far as possible in the customer's story, it keeps control over its production firmly. "We do everything in-house, from engineering to welding constructions, from sheet metal working to painting. That is crucial in order to keep that flexibility to the customer and at the same time always strive for the highest quality requirements," says Degrendele. This philosophy does the company no harm. Mol Cy has experienced enormous turnover growth in recent years. As a result, the paint capacity began to reach its limits more and more.Three years ago Mol Cy therefore had the providence to look for a new installation to replace the old one. After all, this would become a complex matter due to the lack of space in the production hall in combination with the desired capacity, the stricter environmental requirements and quality that Mol Cy strives as usual.

Below you can enjoy a photo reportage of the work completed:

  • 200915simamol08.jpg
  • 200915simamol10-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol11.jpg
  • 200915simamol12-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol17-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol19-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol21.jpg
  • 200915simamol22-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol24-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol26.jpg
  • 200915simamol27-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol31.jpg
  • 200915simamol33-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol33-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol39.jpg
  • 200915simamol41-1.jpg
  • 200915simamol44.jpg

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