The perfect lifting platform for preparation work and finishing work.

 For most bodywork damage, the operator must work in a curved position. This leads to long-term fatigue and health problems. With the Atlas Wheels, the worker does his job by adopting a correct straight posture. In addition, it improves productivity and quality by giving you more control over the object to be sprayed. The rise and fall of the elevator is gradual. Like the Atlas Body, this platform can be mounted on concrete as well as in concrete or gratings. .

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Atlas Wheels G Atlas Wheels F
Features Mounted on concrete Mounted in concrete or grating floor
Dimensions 4020 x 2250 mm 4020 x 2250 mm
Max. Capacity 3300 kg 3300 kg
Weight +/- 930 kg +/- 930 kg
Compressed air pressure 8 bar 8 bar
Lifting height 930 mm 930 mm

Atlas Wheels

Atlas Wheels
The perfect lifting platform for elevating cars through the wheels; for preparation work and finishing work.
Atlas Wheels
Atlas Wheels