HLS 1600 U

The immersible lift for a comfortable work on the top of the car

The HLS 1600-U allows the lowering of the car in the both ground for easy work in the roof area. This increases the productivity and the safety of the lift.

  • Regular lifting for an ergonomic work at the vehicle;
  • Comfortable work on the top of the car, thanks to the immersion of the lift into the gratings of the booth or into the body shop without ladders or other insecure tools;
  • Smooth lifting and lowering to desired working height.

With its special functionalities the HLS 1600 U is the perfect lifting system for work on the top of high cars such as  SUVs and vans.

You don't have a lot of work on the top of high cars? Then have a look into our other HLS 1600 alternatives. 

1600 underground

The lift can be lifted down into the grids. This gives the operator the opportunity to work in a fluent and ergonomic way on the top of high cars like SUVs and jeeps.
HLS 1600 U
Loading capacity 3000 kg
Weight 920 kg
Air supply 8 bar
Working height 850 mm
Pit depth 475 mm
Goes down into the grids up to max. 300 mm
Lifting height 1300 mm
Technical attachments
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  • Catalogue Herkules FR.pdf



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HLS 1600 U
HLS 1600 U