customer in the spotlight: schadenet van eeden

The fire

Three years ago, Schadenet Van Eeden (Cuijk, Holland) was struck by a fire and the manager Nico saw his company vanishing into flames. What then followed, turned out to be a fierce discussion in court between the company and the insurance company. After 3 years of going back and forth, Nico could finally rebuild his company on May the 16th.

The reconstruction

Nico came into contact with Sima through a Dutch contractor. With the SIMA SMARTBOX, he is one of the first companies in Holland to make use of the SMART-techniques. Nico noticed that the market was changing and that there was a need of repairing small damages in a quick manner. He chose 4 SIMA SMARTBOX’s so he could double his number of cars passing through. Besides the 4 SIMA SMARTBOX’s, Nico also ordered a spray booth with painting lab, different preparation zones with extraction and ventilation and a washing zone.


  • 170208vaneeden17.jpg
  • 170208vaneeden39.jpg

So on the 14th of January 2017, the moment was finally there. After 3 years, Nico could present his new and modern company to the world. A visit with our photographer made clear that the company is already working at full speed and that the manager is a proud and happy man.

Have a look.

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