Customer of the month: Kraker Trailers (Vita Paintshop)

Moving floor trailers

The month of May is the perfect occasion to put another customer in the spotlight and therefore we took an extra look at one of our many clients. Kraker Trailers is a Dutch company that is located in Axel (Holland). They are, since 1989, specialised in the development and construction of moving floor trailers of a major quality. These trailers are perfect for almost any kind of transport, they are easy to maintain and have a rock-solid warranty on paintwork and construction.

  • Kraker Trailers en Sima
  • Kraker Trailers en Sima2

Sima = passion for painting application

We are always on the top of our seat when we hear something about painting application. Sima works already more than 25 years with a ‘passion for quality’. As expected, it didn’t take long before the two companies became partners since Kraker Trailers is looking for the same quality they give to their customers.

 Kraker Trailers ordered 2 spray booths with conveyor system, a painting lab and a drying room. As we are always curious to see a project in real life, we took a visit with our photographer.

Enjoy the result! 

  • 170502simakraker02-1.jpg
  • 170502simakraker03.jpg
  • 170502simakraker04.jpg
  • 170502simakraker05.jpg
  • 170502simakraker07.jpg
  • 170502simakraker09.jpg
  • 170502simakraker11.jpg
  • 170502simakraker15.jpg
  • 170502simakraker17.jpg
  • 170502simakraker21.jpg
  • 170502simakraker27.jpg
  • 170502simakraker32.jpg

Are you also interested to become a partner of Sima? Or are you looking for more information about our painting solutions? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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