Sima: innovator in its field.

When Air France Industries came to Sima, a challenge was given.  The company wanted to build an aircraft facility for its airplanes. The design called for 16 separate, isolated booths for different functions.

Sima got the confidence based on its reputation and innovations within the field. An installation that big, also needed a humidification system that was large enough to do the job and able to humidify without adding heat to the airstream. Proper ventilation, optimum temperature and humidity are critical for surface preparation, curing time and coat cohesion. Sima’s experience in designing quality systems helped with the innovative design for Air France Industries.

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Sima reached out to DriSteem (manufacturer of evaporative cooling and humidification products) and together we tried to solve the problem. Humidification is very important for the proper functioning of the water based paint. Without sufficient humidity, water based paint can’t function appropriately and in the aeronautic industry, this is fundamental. In painting booths, pre-heating the entering air causes loss of humidity and this is why extra humidification is necessary.



Sima and DriSteem produced a design that incorporates 5 high-pressure pump stations. These stations supply pressurized water to grids in 5 separate handlers. Nozzles break the water into ultra-fine particles and thus humidify the booth. The nozzles make use of the heat, which is provided by the gas-fired burners, necessary for evaporation. The gas-fired burners are used to preheat the air that is entering the booths. 


We can say that the installation was successful and the facility is fully operational.

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