A lot of reparation work in repair centres and bodyshops requires employees to work in a stooped position, which can lead to fatigue and back issues in the long run. The Atlas platforms, produced by our partner Alfadis Platforms, were specially designed for ergonomic work and improve the environment of body makers.

The platform can be used in preparation zones, smart boxes and even in painting booths. The Atlas Lifting bridges are extremely qualitative and easy to use. The control panel is placed 1,5m away from the lift, in order to avoid accidents when bringing up and down the platform. The big advantage of the Altas bridges is that they are suitable for use in ATEX zones and can be flush mounted into concrete or grids or simply mounted on concrete flooring.

The lifting platform is designed to pick up very heavy cars and long cars up to 3300kg and bring them at a height of max. 90 cm. The aim of the lifting bridge is not to work underneath it, but to bring up the car in a safe way for optimal ergonomic work in the bodyshop. The Atlas series comes in three different models: the Atlas Body, the Atlas Wheels and the Atlas Duo. All models have the same lifting capacity and lifting height, but differ in the way the put up the car via the body, the wheels or alternating both uses.

Atlas Bodyshop Platforms
Atlas Bodyshop Platforms