IRT infrared and ultraviolet mobile dryers

IRT Hyperion offers a wide selection of Short-wave Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UVA)
mobile dryers and each model has its own particular area of use. IRT Hyperion products are user-friendly and are really easy to move around in the workshop.

Every part in a Hyperion dryer is based on a well thought-out and tested design based on user-friendliness and capacity:

  •   The smart foot design even allows it to get under low cars and it is possible to place the mobile dryer around a wheel.
  •    Another example of the well thought-out design is the stand arm on the large models. It has acquired the characteristic Hyperion angle in order for the cassettes to reach above the roof of high vehicles or an SUV and still stand steady and stable on the floor. 
  •   Moving an IRT Hyperion mobile around the workshop is really easy thanks to its low centre of gravity.  It is easy to aim the cassettes at the surface to be cured as the arm is well-levelled and balanced.

The market’s most effective reflectors

IRT is the only company having gold-coated reflectors behind the short-wave lamps. For this reason, the IR dryers have surpassed drying capacity. The Hyperion FreeForm reflectors provide a more even heat distribution and a larger curing area than conventional reflectors, while they feature reduced power consumption. In turn, this increases productivity and raises the quality of the result of drying.

Environmentally friendly

Our mobile dryers irradiate the object and do not heat the surrounding air thereby minimizing energy losses. This provides an efficient use of energy and shortens drying times, which is good for the environment.

Time to cure paint

With 12 pre-set and 3 custom programs, you can handle all paint materials on the market. Thanks to the easily understandable and self-instructional menus, program selection is quick and easy. If you want, you can go one step further and create your own program settings. You will continuously be able to follow the curing process on the control unit display. 

Start the control unit, select a program – then dry. 

This is as difficult as it gets with the advanced and user friendly technology.

Dryers IRT
Dryers IRT