The painting booth HELIA from Sima is characterized by a solid and freestanding structure with vertical walls. The result is a efficient booth with a full filtering ceiling and a booth that is very bright. The combination of these elements assure a long life for your booth.

The Sima booths have no level difference between the outside and the inside of the booth, which simplifies the access of vehicles. 

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  • 3 levels of filtration : prefilter (pocket filter), filtering ceiling and paintstop filters under the grating. 
  • Sandwich panels, 50mm of high-density rockwool 
  • filtering ceiling to garantee an optimal air circulation
  • Direct GAZ heating in the airstream (100% benefit) or indirect fuel heating with a heat exchanger (gas or fuel)


Main options

  • LED lighting, daylight with separate drives (5 year warranty on the LED, 2 year warranty on all the drives)
  • Implementation without excavations, on a base of galvanized grates with an external/internal incline or an internal pneumatic incline. 
  • Touch screen TOUCH1 or TOUCH3 for absolute control of your booth


Variable-frequency drives (TOUCH3)

Frequency regulators eliminate the peak flow with the start of the installation. Only the necessary power is used for the desired flow rate (on that moment).

With TOUCH3, you have the possibility the chose from 3 preprogrammed air flow rates in function of the occupancy of your spray booth. The touchscreen is a user-friendly and simple control.   


Energy saving solutions

During the spraying, a large amount of fresh air is aspirated until the desired temperature is reached. The ECO-systeem IRS (flowswitch) detects when you are not painting for a certain period of time. If so, the installation goes to recycle mode in order to keep the hot air in the booth and to reduce the consumption of gas or fuel to a minimum. 

After applying a second layer, a temporary drying period is required. Using the QDS "Quick Dry System", this phase will run faster. In fact a higher temperature (selectable) is reached. This increase in temperature has the effect of reducing the length of drying time.

Helia painting booth
Helia painting booth