Paint booths JUPITER by Sima are characterized by a very rigid frame with horizontal sandwich panels and Rockwool insulation. The result is a painting booth with great performance, full filter ceiling and clearly lighted. The combination of these elements ensures a long life for your booth.

Sima offers all kinds of access to your cabine:

  • Door with several wings
  • Sectional doors
  • Shutters
  • Guillotine doors.

The Sima booths have no difference in floor level outside - inside. This gives an optimal access to the painting booth.

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  • 3 levels of filtration: pre-filter (filter bags), fine ceiling filter and paintstop filters under the grids
  • Insulated sandwich panels 50 mm with high density rock wool 
  • Full surface ceiling filter coverage because we have no inclined walls 
  • Plenum 700 or 1000 mm to ensure optimal airflow 
  • Direct heating GAZ duct burner(100% yield) or with a heating exchanger (oil/gas)

Main options

  • LED Lighting (5 year warranty on LED lamps, 2 year warranty on the drives). 
  • Possibility of implantation without groundworks, by having a galvanized grating base with internal/external ramp or an internal mobile pneumatic ramp. 
  • Machinery platform mounted on the spray booth or the lab. 
  • Touchscreen control Touch1 or Touch3 (booth ventilation controlled by variable-frequency drives).
  • Touchscreen control SIMA TOUCH for absolute booth control. 
  • Reinforced grating as needed.

Variable-frequency drives (3 settings)

Frequency regulators eliminate the reactive power and only gives active energy which avoids exceeding the limits prescribed by your electricity supplier while winning more comfort in more flexible and less unclear electronic guidance. The frequency regulators also offer you a choice of speeds to 3 positions to have different programs available that are suitable ventilation depending on the required ventilation. Handling is done by the touch panel (Touch3).

Economical equipment 

Sima paint booths are not only sturdy and durable, but they are also very economical. Sima offers a lot of solutions not only to save energy but to reduce the temperature of the cycle, while providing comfort and exemplary work.

Energy saving solutions

During the spraying, a large amount of fresh air is aspirated. This air is heated in order to achieve the desired spray temperature. The IRS system passes the booth in degraded mode or when the FlowSwitch recycling system detects the absence of consumption of compressed air on the gun. The system saves gas / oil and electricity.

After applying paint, a temporary drying period is required. Using the QDS "Quick Dry System", this phase will run faster. In fact a higher temperature (selectable) is reached. This increase in temperature has the effect of reducing the length of drying time.


After numerous years of study, Sima designed Alfa Drymaster system that achieves an amazing reduction in drying time. The system is a combination of temperature and ventilation. Alfa drymaster takes air from the plenum from 4 distinct fans, and blows it back in 4 areas where the ventilation demand is higher.

The results and benefits of the alfa drymaster:

  • high productivity gains by reducing the drying time up to 70% 
  • does not use compressed air, (which is a relative expensive medium) 
  • full ATEX standards 
  • thanks to the air flow from the top down, no floating particles of paint and dust in the air 
  • filtered down to 10 microns

More information about Jupiter Spray Booths?

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Jupiter painting booth
Jupiter painting booth