The Sima paint labs are designed with the same elements as the booth. The lighting is recessed by units in the ceiling.  The labs are used for the preparation of the painting and the cleaning of the spray guns.

All the labs are isolated and equipped with :

  • A ventilation 2500m³/h (engine1,1kW) that ventilates the environment every 3 minutes (depending on the size of the lab).
  • Air entrance system with filter.
  • Service and fireproof door with windows identical to those of the booth.
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Paint storage room

In order to guarantee a fire resistance of 60 minutes (REI 60), the paint storage area is designed differently from the paint laboratory, it is made with thicker sandwich panels, the rock wool insulation (80mm) is installed continuously and the ventilation ducts are equipped with fire dampers. Thanks to this construction, the space is suitable for the storage of large quantities of flammable products.

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More information about a paint lab?

Need more information about a paint lab or a paint storage room? No problem, just "ask your question" and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Paint lab
Paint lab