Platforms for painting booths

Sima also enables its customers to integrate hydraulically, pneumatically and electrically operating platforms for use in large painting booths. We design our platforms with one goal in mind: improving your productivity and your quality. Your people will experience this by working in a fast, yet ergonomic way.

You have the choice between electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic platforms.

For more information about the different platforms, contact Alfadis Platforms.

T.: +32 56 85 62 09

Pneumatic platforms

The HX is a pneumatic platform that allows an easy movement in total security in the three dimensions. It replaces ladders and scaffolds with a better quality and result during the painting activities and surface treatment. The working environment has been improved because it is clear and free form any obstacle.

Hydraulic & Electrical Platforms

Alfalift hydraulic and electric platforms provide a safe and worry-free working environment where the operator is the centre of attention

Alfalift hydraulic and electric access platforms provide a safe and worry-free work environment where the operator is the primary concern. These elevating platforms are designed for use in spray booths, but can also be put in other hazardous areas. They go much higher than the Alfalift HX and are thus usable in industries where large items have to be easily reached.

The cage has a door on both sides, but if necessary it can also be equipped with a door in the front to exit the cage at height.

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Platforms for painting booths
Platforms for painting booths