Platforms for painting booths

Sima also enables its customers to integrate hydraulically, pneumatically and electrically operating platforms for use in large painting booths. We design our platforms with one goal in mind: improving your productivity and your quality. Your people will experience this by working in a fast, yet ergonomic way.

You have the choice between electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic platforms.


Pneumatic platforms

The HX is a pneumatic platform that allows an easy movement in total security in the three dimensions. It replaces ladders and scaffolds with a better quality and result during the painting activities and surface treatment. The working environment has been improved because it is clear and free form any obstacle.


Hydraulic Platforms

The hydraulic platforms are specifically designed for the use in painting booths:

  • Optimal spraying results due to ideal ergonomic painting position
  • Robust and resistant construction
  • Corresponds to the valid EC directives
  • Active accident prevention as the operators will be positioned safely to the work piece
  • Energy supply via trailing cable
  • Platform lighting
  • Simultaneaous travelling and painting possible
  • Control box installed on the platform

Electrical Platforms ATEX

The HE sidewall electrical working platforms are travelling on rails and are designed for the use in painting booths. The customer provides steel construction required for the guiding rails. You have the possibility to work with a scissor type construction, as well as a swivelling arm. The scissor type construction offers a larger extension towards the centre of the boot.

For more information about the different platforms, contact Alfadis Platforms.

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Platforms for painting booths
Platforms for painting booths