Installations for railway industry

The railway industry is characterised by a high demand for quality and return on investment. This is precisely why we cannot find any similar paint booth in this industry. Everything is tailor-made according to the customer's wishes and the available building.

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Saving Energy - Fractional ventilation

Energy saving is important in spraying installations of this size. Big installations need to consider energy saving solutions such as fractional ventilation, the use of variable frequency or heat recovery systems. Fractional ventilation makes it possible to ventilate the part of the painting booth only where spraying takes place. This results in a significant reduction in consumption. All these elements combined result in significant energy savings.


Trains and individual parts of trains are large parts that have to be transported to the different phases of the surface treatment process. Sima offers the possibility to work with transport systems through a surface bridge crane or through a ground transport rail.

Working Platforms

Via our sister company Alfadis Platforms we deliver hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical platforms. The platforms make sure that the painter can work safe at a high elevation. The platforms operate in 3D way through which the quality and duration improves.

Preparation lab / Storage lab

These labs are tailor-made in function of the necessary space and the material needed. The sealed lab provides sufficient storage space and room for the painter to prepare the painting proces in qualitative manner.

Data registration

The railway industry usually imposes strict requirements in terms of data registration en production time. Sima is able to, according to wishes, implement systems with data registration and data transfer. Hereby every problem can be traced and followed. 

Railway Industry
Railway Industry