Sima is an expert in the design, construction and layout of bodywork and garage spaces. Sima offers a unique design and a wide range of high quality complete installations. With a wide range of bodywork solutions, Sima has become the market leader in Belgium. In the range you will find preparation areas, paint booths, paint laboratories, SMART - SPOT - DAY repair areas. Sima also offers the necessary professional equipment that bodyshops need.

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Range of products:

  • Paint booths 
  • Preparation areas 
  • Spotrepair areas 
  • Labs and paint storage 
  • Straightening areas 
  • Workshop Planning 

Turnkey projects

If the client wishes, Sima can support a FULL PROJECT. This is increasingly demanded by customers. The big advantage is that the customer no longer has to deal with the composition / arrangement of his workshop. No annoying questions such as: groundworks, opening and closing the roof, electricity, compressed air ... Everything will be supported and conducted masterfully by the contact person of Sima. The customer can proceed with his own activity for 100%, and maintains a high yield of his workshop.



To ensure a good bodyshop arrangement / garage, it is necessary to develop the concepts in collaboration with the client. The estimation of different needs, spaces, extensions, ... this makes that the solution for each customer will be unique.

The concept of 'routing' will be designed in autocad. This concept will then be assessed critically in collaboration with the client / paint supplier / architect and optimized were needed. 

Smart repair/spot repair

The popularity of Smart Repair hasn't gone unnoticed by Sima. More and more bodyshops are chosing this solution and making investments. The need of an appropriate space arose because of the fact that these techniques are different from the classic paint processes. This is the reason why Sima brought the 'SMART BOX' to life. 

A smart box is the solution for the changing need of a space that is as well a preparation zone as a spray booth, a dry zone and a finishing zone. The booth is equipped with a ventilation and heating but ,on top, it has its own extraction, air supply, storage and electricity. 

A smart box gives a higher productivity and car flow


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Repairs and Bodywork
Repairs and Bodywork