Quality and speed are essential in today’s high competitive economy. The strict requirements concerning productivity, production and quality is leading to an increasing demand for automated systems or robot systems. Painting robots offer turnkey solutions for industrial automatic painting. They produce with maximum precision, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The robots can be used for painting, varnishing and spraying. They offer an easy access, optimal use of the working environment and a maximal production. According to the customer’s need, individual automatic robots or an integrated system of robots can be put in place. These robots are often used in wood, automobile, aviation or other industries.

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Painting robots are accurate and deliver results with an equal coverage and exact thickness. They perform at a constant speed and at the highest precision, which results in identical high-quality and high-quantity productions, over and over again. Every single piece will be automatically produced in an economic way.

Painting robots can have a different number of axes. The amount has an influence on the manoeuvrability of the robot. They are generally equipped with five or seven axes, three for the base motions and the rest for applicator orientation. The robots are certified for use in potentially explosive areas as per ATEX-norms.


  • Quality improvement of the surface treatment. 
  •  Improved accuracy which leads to a reduction in product application. 
  •  Increase in quality of the finished product. 
  •  Increase of the parts transfer ratio which leads to a more cost-effective paint        
  •  Reduction in waste of paint and solvent. 
  •  Increase of the filter lifetime. 
  •  Use of clean and environmentally friendly processes.


Sima offers a total solution. We not only help you choose which robot is needed, but we also provide the necessary adjustments and accessories.

Sima is a specialist in painting booths and ensures the perfect working environment for the robot(s). 


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Robot applications
Robot applications