Vix & Satis extraction walls: invest in quality


The legislation concerning harmful substances is getting stricter because of the importance to protect the health of your employees and the environment. Therefore, investing in quality is essential. 


The extraction walls of Sima aspirate the harmful substances so they can’t obstruct the employees. Furthermore, they purify the outgoing air in order that the environment is protected as well. The extraction walls of Sima are available in different dimensions and debit and are being used for paint, polyester and glue. 

Vix and Satis

Vix: spray wall in kit

The Vix extraction walls exist of galvanized steel sheets and are available in a do-it-yourself kit. Our people pack all pieces together on 1 pallet. With the help of an included manual, you can easily build the wall yourself. 

Satis: welded and finished in white

The Satis spray walls are welded constructions. The construction is not demountable, but can be custom-made. The finish is in white. 

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More targeted extraction

According to the wishes of the client, the extraction wall can be placed with front building to have a more targeted extraction. The construction consists of 2 side walls and a ceiling with a 2m or 2,5m height. Built-in lighting is optional. 


Depending on the specific installation, we investigate which filters will deliver you the highest return. Off course, every filter measures up to the strictest quality and environmental norms. The first set of filters is always included. They are placed at the front of the extraction wall so they can easily be checked and replaced. If you want more information about the Andreae filter, the Columbus filter and the Paintstop filter, you can contact Alfa.dis Service & Filters (

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Fan and engine

The fan is mounted in the air box. The fan is always ATEX (explosion proof). The hole of the air outlet can point backwards or upwards by choice, which simplifies the installation of the drain pipe through an existing roof or wall structure. 

The engine is mounted on the outside and can be taken out alongside with the engine mount plate without requiring the removal of drain pipes. The engine also exists in ATEX version. 

Do you wish to have more information about our spray walls? Don’t hesitate to ask your question via ‘ask your question’? Are you already convinced of your choice? Then certainly go to our webshop to order your extraction wall. 


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