Combined lifting platform

With the Atlas Duo, you have the possibility to lift the car through the chassis as well as to lift the car by pressing on the wheels. This lift allows the worker to work ergonomically. The intermediate plate of the lift can be removed to allow you to get even closer to the vehicle. Like every Atlas platform, the Atlas Duo can be mounted on concrete as well as in concrete or grating.



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Atlas Duo G Atlas Duo F
Features On the ground Mounted in concrete or grating floor
Dimensions 4020 x 2250 mm 4020 x 2250 mm
Max. Capacity 3300 kg 3300 kg
Weight +/- 930 kg +/- 930 kg
Lifting Height 930 mm 930 mm
Compressed Air Pressure 8 bar 8 bar

Atlas Duo
Atlas Duo
Atlas Duo