Saca Group, a puzzle that fits


Sima was founded in 1991 in Mouscron (Belgium) thanks to the enthusiasm and determination of two people with different backgrounds. They understood that the market was ready for a more modern approach than the one who was present at that time.

With great enthusiasm and good ideas this was soon leading to excellent results and the growth of the company. Soon Sima gained momentum and crossed the country borders. Export became an important part, without of course forgetting the Belgian local market. A company cannot be great at the international level if it is not represented at the national level.


Sima produces and installs solutions for surface treatment. She is a successful manufacturer in the metal industry, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of paint booths, industrial drying ovens, wet paint lines with conveyor systems, both in Belgium and abroad.

Sima is the largest manufacturer of paint booths in the Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) and a well-known player on an international level in the field of paint booths, but also in terms of ovens, labs, preparation areas, full body workshops and industrial spray lines.

Sima is active on the Belgian market through its own network of agents, and therefore can directly respond to the needs and wishes of its customers. Outside of Belgium, Sima products are distributed through a network of exclusive distributors who can provide help and support in more than 10 countries, such as France, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Latvia, the Czech Republic, the United States, ... but you will find our installations in over 40 countries around the world.

Alfadis Platforms

Alfadis Platforms develops and manufactures 3D elevated work platforms for usage in spray booths and other dangerous environments.  



A preventive maintenance and qualitative filters assure not only a spray of good quality, but also limits breakdowns and defects of the spray booths and preparation zones.



Haco is a historical partner of Saca Group. Haco manufactures and sells sheetmetal machines worldwide.



Production of the products distributed by Alfadis, Sima et Clid Systèmes.


VIP Tools

VIP Tools distributes a range of products for body works and the industry of surface treatment industry.



For the electrotechnical expertise, this expertise is not only suitable for the development, assembly and installation of electrical panels, but also focuses on aftercare.


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