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Design and production

“Sima is comfortable in every domain”. Our many years of experience made us into experts in different domains where often a spray booth is the solution to the problem. The Sima painting installations for trucks or heavy machinery are designed to meet the specific demands that are set in the sectors of agriculture, heavy machinery, transportation or as we like to call it ‘heavy duty’.

We always work according to the wishes of the client. Our own engineering department carefully studies every project and designs the spray booths according to the wishes of the customer, but with the possibilities of the building and site in mind. Customer satisfaction is very important to Sima and this is why we always aspire a superior quality for our products. Sima guarantees you an excellent spraying result.


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  • Caterpiller Heavy Duty
  • Heavy Duty CIMM
  • Heavy Duty
Spuitcabine Heavy Duty Faymonville

Sima spray booth 'Heavy Duty'

  •   The Booth is divisible into sections (2/3 to 1/3 or 1/2 - 1/2).
  • Extraction via the gratings spanning the entire surface, or 2/3 rows                
  •  Frequency controlled high pressure groups / low pressure ventilation groups with flow switch. (reducing energy consumption)


Every spray booth is custom-built because every customer is unique. We listen to your desires and look at the possibilities that your building or site offers. We provide spray booths with a diagonal ventilation, an extraction via the side walls or the rear walls.

As the term heavy duty suggests, the parts to paint are often a heavy duty to move. Sima offers the possibility to work with a conveyor or transport system. This system can be operated manually or automatically. We even offer the possibility of an open roof to bring in very large parts.

Have a look at our customers in the spotlight for a custom-made spray booth: Kraker Trailers. 


  • Heavy Duty cabine open dak
  • Heavy duty met conveyor
  • Heavy Duty conveyor


Every spray booth is unique with its own specific characteristics. We take notice of the fact that the product must go in and out easily of the painting booth. Beneath, you can see how this customer makes use of an automatic rolling gate. 



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Heavy weight and large machines
Heavy weight and large machines