The Sima Smartbox is the perfect complement for the efficient, fast and inexpensive repair of small and medium paint damage.

The Sima Smartbox is therefore an innovation that meets the need for a customised application for SMART techniques. The Smartbox is an installation that is both a preparation area and a painting booth at the same time. Moving the cars is no longer necessary, everything is done in 1 space and by 1 person.

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RUPES panel

In the Smartbox, there is a Rupes energy panel that provides all the elements such as electricity, compressed air with SATA compressed air filters and dust extraction. A 220 V and 3 x 400 V power supply, a dust extraction point and a practical storage space. So everything is present in 1 room with correct air filtration.   


Atlas bodyshop platforms

With the Atlas bodyshop platforms, Sima has the perfect lift for bodywork work. Depending on your wishes, 3 different models are available: Atlas Body, Atlas Wheels and Atlas Duo.

  • Load capacity of 3300 kg
  • Lifting height of 0.93 m
  • Safe and ergonomic work

You can find more information on the product page of Atlas bodyshop platforms



Fast drying also implies a faster result. IRT and UV technology ensure a shorter drying time as mentioned above. As the drying is faster, the dust is less likely to deposit on the wet paint. The need for polishing, which is very time consuming, is reduced. Moving cars is also no longer necessary, because everything happens in one space.

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More information?

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Preparation area smart - spot - day repair
Preparation area smart - spot - day  repair